Pinterest- “It’s like chick tumblr”


My wife, like many women in America, has recently joined and become obsessed with Pinterest.  While the site is not quite my cup of tea, it reminds me of a great post that Chris from Message With A Bottle  posted last month where a friend tries to explain Pinterest to him.  Here is an excerpt…

A friend tries to explain Pinterest

Aubrey – Just pinned your video on my board!

Chris – Hey! What did you do now?

Aubrey – Hahaha! I pinned your YouTube video on Pinterest. It made me laugh, and as I work from home, it was very apropos!

Chris – Thanks! Women love Pinterest huh?

Aubrey – I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is AWESOME. We’ll see if i get tired of it.

[2 minutes later]

Aubrey – And magically – You got repinned. Throwing some more stuff in. I’ll pin it for you.

Chris – I don’t get that website, I mean I get it, but I don’t. Show me your page.

Aubrey – Haha. No idea what you’ll see. I just started playing with it. It’s heaven for me though.

Chris – Ugh, I already have a headache trying to figure this out.

Aubrey – No it’s so awesome. The cool thing about it, is that when I pin something, other people searching for topics or just viewing my pins by other people repinning will hit your content.

Chris – Oh. So it’s like chick tumblr.

Aubrey – YES!

Chris – And is it just to show off stuff?

Aubrey – It’s more like……’community brainstorming’ or ‘interest sharing.’

Chris – …about nice heels.

Aubrey – No! About everything. Fashion, locations, food, entertaining and home decor etc.

Chris – Oh, so like pictures of nice heels in Milan

Aubrey – Haha! And also it’s a lot of hotography.

Chris – That sounds like something I’d be into.

Aubrey – Photography. Forgot the P.

Chris – Too bad. I was interested in hotography. Thought it was like a type of amateur erotica.

Aubrey – Ugh

Chris – Are there any men on it?

Aubrey – Yes. Not sure if they’re all gay though. Ha!

Chris – So this website is for women and gay men. It’s like Bravo.

Read the rest of the post HERE.

While you are there, be sure to read his other posts.  He has one of the funniest blogs about being a new parent.



RIP Daisy (7/05/03- 12/30/11)

Daisy, originally uploaded by fat overactor.

You were a wonderful dog. I had always wanted a Boston Terrier and I could not have found a better dog than you. Long before we had our daughter, it was you sleeping in my arms like a baby.

You loved your sunbeam; chasing bunnies; playing fetch with your ball and frisbees; and cuddling on the couch. I will miss your OCD kisses (I MUST lick you 47 times!) and the way you would make me laugh rolling Larken’s ball all around the yard on your hind legs.

Sure, you snorted and snored, burped, farted and other unlady-like behavior, but to me you were nothing short of precious.

I hope you, Hope and Star are all together now in Heaven, having a good time running and playing with no more pain. I miss you and I can’t wait for you to run into my arms again when my time comes.

I love you my sweet angel.




And we did it in less than ten years from inception to completion, using technology that is eclipsed a thousandfold by disposable cell phones.

Whenever some halfwit in Congress drones on and on about how we can’t do something, or we don’t have the will or the money or the imagination, I want to grab that idiot by the collar and scream this quote into its stupid corrupt face.