Thankful…Friday 1/29

Today was my daughter’s annual visit to the Cardiologist. She stood up straight and tall while the nurse measured her height and weight, and sat still while she took her blood pressure and pulse/ox level.

We then went down the hall for an echo sonogram of her heart. She once again was a perfect angel while the technician attached the leads and spread the warm goo all over her chest. “Finding Nemo” was on the TV, but she was more interested in seeing and hearing her heart on the monitor.

Once we got back to the room it was time for an E.K.G. reading and 10 more stickers and leads stuck all over her body! In the past, this test took forever because she was doing so much wiggling and crying they could not get an accurate reading. Not today though! She sat so quiet and still the test was done in seconds! All of the nurses and technicians were commenting on how mature she was acting for a three year old!

The doctor finally came in and said everything looks great! She still has a SLIGHT murmor, but it is not anything he was concerned about at this time. She is basically a “normal” three year old requiring no medication and no activity restriction! We celebrated with a nice lunch and she got to pick out some new books for being so good.

So this week I am thankful that my daughter is a healthy “normal” toddler, and that she was so well behaved at the doctor!

Thankful Thursday 1/21

I am thankful for…

~My daughter being potty trained. (See previous post!)
~Taco John’s Potato Olé Supreme
~My daughter still thinking I’m the coolest guy in the world.
~My wife (who KNOWS I’m not that cool) for still wanting to hang out with me!

Songs for a New Diaper

This week’s entry is a song parody I came up with over many diaper changes with my daughter during her first three years.  I discovered that if I sang to her while changing her diaper it helped calm her down and made her wiggle less.  The problem I faced is that most of the songs I knew by heart were from contemporary musicals by Jason Robert Brown, William Finn, Stephen Sondheim and Stephen Schwartz (among others).  While these are all awesome composers, they usually write complex melodies with lyrics that are not very “kid friendly”.

 One day I started singing the opening chorus of Songs for a New World to her, changing the lyrics on the fly to suit the situation. I don’t know if it was because I was amusing myself, but I managed to get a big giggle from my daughter, and our new diaper changing song was born!  Over the course of MANY diaper changes, I was able to flesh it out to a verse and two choruses, which was usually long enough to cover even the messiest changes! 

 So without further adobe, I present to you the lyrics to my recently retired (for now) diaper changing song…

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52 Weeks

2009 was a rough year.  The loss of loved ones, combined with personal struggles, fears and medical concerns have put me into a “Creative Cocoon”.  I was dealing with so much stress that I could not focus on creativity, and as a result, the entries I posted here were mostly web links with little personal meaning.  I still had ideas that I would jot down in a notebook, but I never took the time to explore them and flesh them out.

Since this is the first full week of the New Year, I have a resolution for you, my dear blog.  I resolve to write at least on creative entry a week.  It might be an essay, a personal story, a picture, a poem or even song lyrics.  I may be the only one reading this, but as long as it gets me thinking and writing again, that is all that matters.  If there are others out here reading these words who wish to track my progress I will put them under the category of   “52 Weeks Project”.  If you like what you read please leave me a comment, Lord knows I could use the encouragement! 

I am also stealing a little segment I’ve seen on other blogs called “Thankful Thursdays”.  I will take a moment each Thursday to reflect on things I am thankful for that week.  These little reminders will not count toward the “52 Weeks Project”, but they do serve the great purpose of helping me see the joy in life.  (Oops!  It’s Thursday today…I guess I’ll be back with my first entry!) 

With any luck, I will keep this resolution past January and throughout out the year.  After all, writing one decent blog post a week has to be a lot easier than losing weight!