Thankful Thursday 4/29/10

This week I am thankful for…

~Rehearsal free evenings spent with my family.

~Playing outside with my daughter in the beautiful weather we are having.

~The 3 hours of my life I get back each week by NOT watching  American Idol this season!

~This week’s Glee, for FINALLY bringing the writing up to the same level as the production numbers!

~The Lilacs, Iris, snowballs, and all of the other flowers my wife has planted that are currently blooming  around our yard.  It seems their stay is always too brief each year and I must make the time to enjoy them while I can.

Wha’ Happened?

Hello blog, remember me?

 I made an ambitious pledge at the beginning of this year to try to make at least two blog entries a week.  Well for the most part I have kept that promise…I just have not been posting HERE.  I am the administrator and author of The Peoria Cabaret Theatre Blog and you can find all of the missing entries for February-April there.  (Go check it out…I’ll wait!)

We challenged ourselves to present 4 Mainstage shows and 5 Cabaret shows in 11 weeks!  We had most shows rehearsing at the same time and a many tech weeks in a row.  This also meant a lot of deadlines for me to get the publicity out there on our blog.  Between working two jobs and these deadlines, I’m afraid I had nothing left to contribute here. 

Our Winter Season is now over and I can finally get back to posting here again with a few new rules…

 The 52 Weeks Project

I will still tag all of my new original blog entries under the “52 Weeks Project” tag; they just might not be 52 weeks in a row!  I would rather take the time to develop a decent post than worry about making a deadline.  It may mean fewer posts a year, but hopefully they will be more inspired. 

 Thankful Thursdays

I will get back to giving thanks for the positive things during the week because I think it is good for the soul.  However, this may or may not always fall on a Thursday! 🙂 Depending on my schedule, you might see it on a Friday, a Saturday or even a Wednesday.  I will still label them “Thankful Thursday” because it rolls off the tongue a lot easier than “Thankful Saturday”.  I’m all about alliteration even if my schedule isn’t!

 I will also try to keep this blog “interesting” between big entries, even if it is just posting some goofy thing I find on the web.  I’ve loosened some of the restrictions, so let see how long this new resolution lasts!

 If you are still reading this, thank you and I’ll see you next week!