A Firestorm in Chicago!

Hedy Weiss, critic for The Chicago Sun-Times, somehow got the idea in her head to publish a review of Stages 2006, a 3 day workshop of new musicals in Chicago. These are all works in progress using the workshop to help the authors see what works and what doesn’t. They were never meant to be screened for critics since they are still in the early stages of their development.

Not only did she review (and pan) them as if they were the finished product, she did not even have the gall to see the shows in their entirety.

She has now caused a firestorm of fury from The Dramatists Guild of America with a who’s who of playwrights and composers sending letters in to the editors of the Sun-Times.

See what the buzz is about here…


36 Weeks Down…

My wife is now 36 weeks pregnant, which means in just a couple of weeks (or possibly days) I’m going to be a father!

Nine months is flying by way too fast! I just keep looking around and thinking of all of the things we still need to do before the baby comes. But then again, just like everything else in my life “if it weren’t for the last minute NOTHING would get done!” 🙂

I’m excited to meet my new little girl, but I’m VERY nervous because I know my life is going to change FOREVER!!! I’m now going to be somebody’s “Father”, which means I’m going to have to be “Responsible”. I just hope I don’t screw this kid up to badly!! 😯

Star Trek Inspiration

Thanks to Bob Manasco for pointing this site out to me!

Working for the Federation is still a JOB! Being that, I’m sure they had some of those silly inspirational posters in the break areas to motivate the crewmen. What if they looked like this?


I may need to assimilate a few for my office!