New Community Theatre Blog

There is a new Peoria Community Theatre blog in town!  The Peoria Journal Star has gathered representatives from all of the local community theatre companies to blog about what’s going on at their theatres all in one place.  The name of the blog is THINK THEATER  and it can be found on the PJ Star’s website under blogs, or you can link directly to it here .

 While it may never replace the popularity of our former favorite source for theatre news,  , it is definitely a step in the right direction for arts unification!  You may even see a few familiar faces blogging there, so check it out!

Broadway in 3-D

How would you like to see a Broadway show in 3-D?  (I know, “Isn’t ALL live theatre essentially in 3-D?“)  SHUT UP AND READ! 🙂

A company called Fugobi is pitching the idea of filming Broadway productions to be shown on movie screens in a 3-D format.  Producers Dale Smith and Tim Hickson shared their ideas for a “21st century model for theatrical distribution”  with an audience of Broadway producers, tour presenters and industry professionals at the Broadway League’s annual Spring Road Conference.

The project, called “fugobi broadway 3d,” is a response to “an increasing demand for interactive, integrated and inclusive entertainment options.” Smith and Hickson’s “fugobi broadway 3d” will combine “the unique thrill of live performance with the captivating experience of 3D film, bringing the Broadway experience to digital cinemas across the United States and around the world.” It will give “Broadway fans a new way to enjoy and interact with their favorite shows and to expand Broadway’s reach by giving new audiences the chance to see the best that Broadway has to offer without having to travel further than their local cinemas.”  –Kenneth Jones, Playbill on-line.

 I think it is a FANTASTIC idea!  There is still nothing to equal the thrill of seeing a show live, but this sounds like it will come close.  It would be a wonderful opportunity for both new and seasoned Broadway fans to see some of the Award winning performances up close that they may have missed because they live hundreds or thousands of miles away from New York city.  

In these economic times, I may not be able to afford a trip to NYC and a $100 theatre ticket, but I CAN afford $15 and a trip to the movie theater! 

Read the full article by Kenneth Jones at .

My Newest Show Idea

***Original post date March 22,2007*** 

Like many American artists my age, I was shocked/surprised/amazed/horrified at how a tiny little Disney channel movie called High School Musical went on to become the giant marketing juggernaut that it is today. The cd and dvd sales are still through the roof a year after its release.

Music Theatre International started selling the theatrical rights to community theatres BEFORE a stage adaptation was even written! Most theatres with a youth program in this area already have it on their schedules.

The Disney Channel is working on two sequels, High School Musical 2 and a Halloween special dubbed Haunted High School Musical. If that wasn’t enough they have also announced the tour of High School Musical: On Ice! (Which will play the Civic Center arena next March).

I, like many American artists my age, saw this snowballing success and asked myself the burning question, “How do I cash in on this?” Therefore I have come up with my newest show idea… Continue reading

A Firestorm in Chicago!

Hedy Weiss, critic for The Chicago Sun-Times, somehow got the idea in her head to publish a review of Stages 2006, a 3 day workshop of new musicals in Chicago. These are all works in progress using the workshop to help the authors see what works and what doesn’t. They were never meant to be screened for critics since they are still in the early stages of their development.

Not only did she review (and pan) them as if they were the finished product, she did not even have the gall to see the shows in their entirety.

She has now caused a firestorm of fury from The Dramatists Guild of America with a who’s who of playwrights and composers sending letters in to the editors of the Sun-Times.

See what the buzz is about here…

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