Press Here to Ignore

I was doing my usual shopping at Walmart the other day.  (Yes, I live in the Midwest, that is what we do!)  As I was checking out, I glanced at the little survey on the bottom of the credit card reader, which asks you questions like “Did your cashier greet you today?”, or “Was the store clean today?”  Then I noticed the three buttons below it, “Yes”, “No” and “Ignore”.




It does not make a difference in your transaction if you hit any buttons at all.  The machine is NOT going to freeze and the ghost of Sam Walton will NOT suddenly appear and shout, “ANSWER MY SURVEY, DAMMIT!!”  It would seem a more effective way to ignore the question would be not to answer it at all.  So if you are going to make the effort to pick up the stylus and press the “ignore” button, then how much “ignoring” are you actually doing?


01/17/09 UPDATE:  I went to Walmart again the other day and the “ignore” button was gone.  Hmmm… maybe somebody at Walmart has been reading this blog!