The Thankful Post That is Supposed to Happen Thursdays (6/19)

This week I am thankful for…
~ My wife.  We celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary on Monday! Somehow, she still likes me after all of this time, so I am a very lucky man!
~The Sun.  I actually SAW it this week after many days of rain!  I was able to mow the lawn for the first time in two weeks before it started raining again.
~True Blood is back on HBO with a new season!

Last week I was thankful for…
~Date Night.  Grandma took care of our daughter so that my wife and I could spend an evening ALONE.  We went to Conklin’s Barn II Dinner Theatre to see the World Premiere play by our friend, (and Best Man at our wedding) Chad Kirvan.  We had chicken noodle soup, salad, prime rib, fried chicken, pork loin in béarnaise sauce, tilapia, baked potato, Normandy vegetables, peanut butter pie, cheesecake and Oreo parfaits…Whew!  I think I gained about 10 pounds but the food was excellent, the show was funny and it was wonderful to have a date with just my wife again.  Bonus: the author and his wife joined us at our table for Act II.  How many people can say that at a theatrical performance? 🙂

~My creative daughter.  She had me watch her “talent show” while we were playing outside.  I sat on the bench it the middle of our backyard while she emceed the show starring her imaginary friends.  She would do the introductions and we would both clap.  She closed out the show with a song and hula-hoop tricks.  Look out, Hugh Jackman, NPH and Sean Hayes; she is gunning for your future Tony hosting gig!

Goodbye Old Friend


I finally said goodbye to my ’98 Saturn yesterday. After 11 years (9 owned by me) and 170,000 miles, I think it served its purpose well. This was the first car that I chose and paid for myself, and since it was not a hand-me-down, it had a lot of unnecessary sporty features like a power moon roof, performance tires and a spoiler. Even though the black paint was difficult to keep clean, and the black interior was very hot in the summer, I felt cool driving it. It was my own affordable version of K.I.T.T.

Through the years, it had its share of problems, from electrical and transmission, to a leaky moon roof and windows, and finally the head gasket/engine and exhaust. It caused me many a headache and heartache this past year when it would die at stoplights, but through it all it was still MY car.

The engine roared for me a final time this weekend, as I moved it out of the driveway in preparation for the tow truck. It died just as I made it into the street, never to start again. The starter, knowing its fate, had given up on life. I donated the car to charity, so even though it has died, the proceeds from the sale will help children live. (Plus a nice tax deduction for me!)

Goodbye, old friend, I shall remember the journeys we took together and the good times we shared, especially the warm summer nights with the moon shining through the open roof and good tunes on the tape deck.


If You Know Dan Allar Please Read This…

This email was forwarded to me through several friends.  If you know Dan please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and forward this information to anyone else who may have known Dan.



Dear friends of First Folio,

First of all let me say sorry if you are getting this email and have already received this news, but we just wanted to make sure everybody was aware of what is going on.  Also, let me apologize if you are receiving this info for the first time through email – it was just the surest way to get a hold of everyone in time. 

As many of you know, “Big” Dan Allar has been struggling with cancer for about four years now, and is, unfortunately, losing the battle quickly.  At this point, doctors give him about a week left with us.  While physically weak, he is mentally still very much Dan, so calls and notes are more than welcome.  We just wanted to make sure all knew, and had a chance to say goodbye, if they would like.  

If you would like to call, the number is 708-492-0459.  If you want to visit, please call his wife, Gwen, ahead of time at the same number.  If you want to send anything, their address is 1851 Bellview ave Westchester, IL 60154. 

If you noticed that we’ve missed somebody on this list, please feel free to forward this information.  We’re doing our best to make sure everybody gets this news. 
If you have any questions about what is going on, or just want to talk, please feel free to call us here at the office.  We’re here. 

–  Hayley Rice.


First Folio Theatre

 I first met Dan when he was the Scene Shop Foreman at Bradley University.  Imagine my shock the first day I opened the Theatre door my freshmen year and was greeted by this 6’7’’ 300+ pound giant!  As I got to know Dan, I quickly learned that he was a gentle giant with a great heart and a terrific laugh.  He used to say a set was never finished until it was “Allarized”, which involved him jumping up and down on the platforms.  He joked that if a set can hold his weight then it will certainly hold all of us. 

 As an actor, Dan was superb.  His larger than life characters always commanded your attention and he was surprisingly light on his feet.   He went on to great success on the Chicago stages and even appeared as Avocado in the first two seasons of Fox’s Prison Break.  He was a great actor and a great man and will truly be missed. 




UPDATE:  Dan passed away peacefully in his sleep on January 10th.  You can read his Obituary here.