I’m A Wreck!

(O.K. technically I’m a Wreckporter.)

Anyone that knows me has probably heard me pimp Cakewrecks as the funniest blog EVAH!  It never fails to bring a smile to my face and start my day off on a good note.

 Every time I’m at the store I can’t resist perusing the bakery case in hopes of finding a wreck worthy of this site.  Normally I leave disappointed, but one fateful night a couple of months ago, I found the HOLY GRAIL OF A CUPCAKE WRECK!  I immediately whipped out my cell phone and snapped a picture of it in all of its 1.3 megapixel glory.  I felt like I had spotted Bigfoot and I couldn’t wait to send it in.   

 I was beginning to fear that my wreck wasn’t worthy enough for the site, and that no one else would be able to share in triumph of finding the ugliest cupcakes ever.  Imagine now my joy when I clicked on the site this morning and saw my wreck there in all of its awful glory, made even better with Jen’s puns!

 Go see it for yourself (the last one on the page) while I wipe a joyful tear from my eye!  http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/2009/10/sideshow-slideshow.html

 Thanks Cakewrecks!

His Balloon Was Fast, But Snark Is Faster

I made the comment yesterday during two hour ballon chase we were all following on cnn.com, “I bet he’s hiding in the garage and he’s gonna pop out soon and say SURPRISE!!

Now everyone at work thinks I’m psychic!

Falcon, the “Balloon Boy” is safe.  It may or may not (read MAY) have all been a publicity stunt by his batshit crazy dad that had us all fooled.  Thank goodness the snarklords of the interwebs were quick to put this whole thing in perspective!  Check out the great memes like the one above at urlsque.com .

Just in case you think Falcon puking during EVERY interview wasn’t bad enough, how about dad FARTING on the air with Diane Sawyer! 

I guess John Gosselin can be thankful that there are worse dads out there taking some of the spotlight away from him!