It’s Potty Time!


Our daughter, Larken, has officially started potty training again last week.  We knew it was time to start trying when she started making every doll in her dollhouse “poop” on the toilet.  We bought her a frog shaped potty and she is doing really well with it.  Now when she has to go we say, “Poop on the froggy!” or “Pee in the froggy!” and she goes to work.   (Man, I sure hope this does not ruin frogs for her later in life!)


When she is successful, we all cheer, and then (after flushing and washing of course) we go to chart we have on the fridge and put a star on it.  She then gets to pick out a Sesame Street sticker as a reward.  Many times she puts the sticker on the side of the potty, kind of like how the Red Baron used to mark how many enemies he has shot down on the side of his plane!  When the chart on the fridge is full of stars, she will get to pick out a toy as a reward. 


You know you have reached a special milestone as a parent when you are cheering and dancing because someone just pooped, but if it means no more dirty diapers I might just break out the “Cabbage Patch!”