Worst. Sippie Cup. Ever!

Worst. Sippie cup. Ever.


My Newest Show Idea

***Original post date March 22,2007*** 

Like many American artists my age, I was shocked/surprised/amazed/horrified at how a tiny little Disney channel movie called High School Musical went on to become the giant marketing juggernaut that it is today. The cd and dvd sales are still through the roof a year after its release.

Music Theatre International started selling the theatrical rights to community theatres BEFORE a stage adaptation was even written! Most theatres with a youth program in this area already have it on their schedules.

The Disney Channel is working on two sequels, High School Musical 2 and a Halloween special dubbed Haunted High School Musical. If that wasn’t enough they have also announced the tour of High School Musical: On Ice! (Which will play the Civic Center arena next March).

I, like many American artists my age, saw this snowballing success and asked myself the burning question, “How do I cash in on this?” Therefore I have come up with my newest show idea… Continue reading