The Thankful Post That is Supposed to Happen Thursdays (6/19)

This week I am thankful for…
~ My wife.  We celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary on Monday! Somehow, she still likes me after all of this time, so I am a very lucky man!
~The Sun.  I actually SAW it this week after many days of rain!  I was able to mow the lawn for the first time in two weeks before it started raining again.
~True Blood is back on HBO with a new season!

Last week I was thankful for…
~Date Night.  Grandma took care of our daughter so that my wife and I could spend an evening ALONE.  We went to Conklin’s Barn II Dinner Theatre to see the World Premiere play by our friend, (and Best Man at our wedding) Chad Kirvan.  We had chicken noodle soup, salad, prime rib, fried chicken, pork loin in béarnaise sauce, tilapia, baked potato, Normandy vegetables, peanut butter pie, cheesecake and Oreo parfaits…Whew!  I think I gained about 10 pounds but the food was excellent, the show was funny and it was wonderful to have a date with just my wife again.  Bonus: the author and his wife joined us at our table for Act II.  How many people can say that at a theatrical performance? 🙂

~My creative daughter.  She had me watch her “talent show” while we were playing outside.  I sat on the bench it the middle of our backyard while she emceed the show starring her imaginary friends.  She would do the introductions and we would both clap.  She closed out the show with a song and hula-hoop tricks.  Look out, Hugh Jackman, NPH and Sean Hayes; she is gunning for your future Tony hosting gig!

Thankful (Insert Day) 5/15/10

Yep, I’m off to great start on these again!  *facepalm*

Last week we were all sick at my house.  My daughter and I just had colds,  while my wife outdid us both with a four day fever, strep throat and an ear infection!   So last week was not a very thankful week! 🙂

THIS week I am thankful for…

~ My wife starting to feel better.  The fever and infection are gone, now the steroid and antibiotics are working on everything else.

~Health insurance to pay for doctor visits and medication.

~The start of wedding season at my other job.  (Hello busy weekends=better paycheck!)

~ The world premiere of a farce written by my good friend Chad Kirvan, is getting a great reception at Conklin’s Barn II Dinner Theatre! 

~ I’m on vacation starting Monday!

Thankful Thursday 4/29/10

This week I am thankful for…

~Rehearsal free evenings spent with my family.

~Playing outside with my daughter in the beautiful weather we are having.

~The 3 hours of my life I get back each week by NOT watching  American Idol this season!

~This week’s Glee, for FINALLY bringing the writing up to the same level as the production numbers!

~The Lilacs, Iris, snowballs, and all of the other flowers my wife has planted that are currently blooming  around our yard.  It seems their stay is always too brief each year and I must make the time to enjoy them while I can.

Thankful…(let’s pretend it is still) Thursday 2/5/10

O.K.  So I’m a day late again!  At least last week I had an excuse!

I am thankful for…

~ Being a founding member of Peoria Cabaret Theatre as we get ready to start our first season as a company!

~ Having a wonderful cast of insanely talented people to play with for The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) 

~The fact that it feels less like work when you are working with friends.

~We are only expecting a few inches of snow here instead of a few feet like other parts of the country are getting!

Thankful…Friday 1/29

Today was my daughter’s annual visit to the Cardiologist. She stood up straight and tall while the nurse measured her height and weight, and sat still while she took her blood pressure and pulse/ox level.

We then went down the hall for an echo sonogram of her heart. She once again was a perfect angel while the technician attached the leads and spread the warm goo all over her chest. “Finding Nemo” was on the TV, but she was more interested in seeing and hearing her heart on the monitor.

Once we got back to the room it was time for an E.K.G. reading and 10 more stickers and leads stuck all over her body! In the past, this test took forever because she was doing so much wiggling and crying they could not get an accurate reading. Not today though! She sat so quiet and still the test was done in seconds! All of the nurses and technicians were commenting on how mature she was acting for a three year old!

The doctor finally came in and said everything looks great! She still has a SLIGHT murmor, but it is not anything he was concerned about at this time. She is basically a “normal” three year old requiring no medication and no activity restriction! We celebrated with a nice lunch and she got to pick out some new books for being so good.

So this week I am thankful that my daughter is a healthy “normal” toddler, and that she was so well behaved at the doctor!