Pinterest- “It’s like chick tumblr”


My wife, like many women in America, has recently joined and become obsessed with Pinterest.  While the site is not quite my cup of tea, it reminds me of a great post that Chris from Message With A Bottle  posted last month where a friend tries to explain Pinterest to him.  Here is an excerpt…

A friend tries to explain Pinterest

Aubrey – Just pinned your video on my board!

Chris – Hey! What did you do now?

Aubrey – Hahaha! I pinned your YouTube video on Pinterest. It made me laugh, and as I work from home, it was very apropos!

Chris – Thanks! Women love Pinterest huh?

Aubrey – I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is AWESOME. We’ll see if i get tired of it.

[2 minutes later]

Aubrey – And magically – You got repinned. Throwing some more stuff in. I’ll pin it for you.

Chris – I don’t get that website, I mean I get it, but I don’t. Show me your page.

Aubrey – Haha. No idea what you’ll see. I just started playing with it. It’s heaven for me though.

Chris – Ugh, I already have a headache trying to figure this out.

Aubrey – No it’s so awesome. The cool thing about it, is that when I pin something, other people searching for topics or just viewing my pins by other people repinning will hit your content.

Chris – Oh. So it’s like chick tumblr.

Aubrey – YES!

Chris – And is it just to show off stuff?

Aubrey – It’s more like……’community brainstorming’ or ‘interest sharing.’

Chris – …about nice heels.

Aubrey – No! About everything. Fashion, locations, food, entertaining and home decor etc.

Chris – Oh, so like pictures of nice heels in Milan

Aubrey – Haha! And also it’s a lot of hotography.

Chris – That sounds like something I’d be into.

Aubrey – Photography. Forgot the P.

Chris – Too bad. I was interested in hotography. Thought it was like a type of amateur erotica.

Aubrey – Ugh

Chris – Are there any men on it?

Aubrey – Yes. Not sure if they’re all gay though. Ha!

Chris – So this website is for women and gay men. It’s like Bravo.

Read the rest of the post HERE.

While you are there, be sure to read his other posts.  He has one of the funniest blogs about being a new parent.



Lost in Translation

I was cleaning out the spam filter on The Peoria Cabaret Theatre Blog when I found these two comments.  Now, I am used to the overseas spam butchering the English language worse than a Chinese menu, but these two were just so special that I had to share them.  This…IS…the danger of trusting Google Translate!*

Submitted on 2010/12/14 at 6:09 PM

Alright Permanent,fine come immediate bedroom description pleasure well traditional afford distinction head as exist offence meanwhile description give mine outside investigation the recover improvement value vehicle engine army comparison different commit raise field similar television major driver increase directly only experience generally thank view silence somebody wave fully of concentration northern sign base solution before majority wash access extra this chair bag decade have outcome else dress allow examination procedure drop single average army sale maintain positive yeah answer purpose way study annual nearly report revolution importance current follow title

Submitted on 2010/12/11 at 2:59 PM

Quiet Historical,reveal anyway before information close reflect search red often resource sing fast conference danger relevant location human soon from recently track annual body order implication really almost cut football warn growth line actual experiment north throughout interested colour quite driver border floor accident foreign worry indicate send condition district collection manage expression yet master distinction solution row loan rely broad competition before less require search neither wait display fruit place must whole parent attack few assessment revenue investment including when bag leader husband wonderful little heat

It’s like a tone poem.  A word journey if you will.  It makes you wonder if this was coherent in their native language and lost in translation, or have I stumbled across two Dadaist superstars on the rise?

The first one I can see sort of a sexual theme going on, like maybe it was porn spam.  The second one seems a little more sinister.  I’m going to go with “The Terminator” retold in Dadaist style.

What are your interpretations of these fine poems?

*as spoken by James T. Kirk

The 15 Album Meme

I stole this from Owen’s Blog

Internet Meme– The list of albums
The rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen albums you’ve heard that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

Here is my list…

  1. Fishbone- Truth and Soul
  2. Paul Simon- Graceland
  3. Pink Floyd- The Wall
  4. The Last 5 Years– Jason Robert brown
  5. Return to the Forbidden Planet– Original London Cast
  6. A New Brain –William Finn
  7. REM- Out of Time
  8. The Killers- Hot Fuss
  9. U2- Achtung Baby
  10. Poi Dog Pondering –Wishing like a Mountain, Thinking Like the Sea
  11. The Cure- Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
  12. Pulp Fiction– Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  13. They Might Be Giants- Flood
  14. Tori Amos-Little Earthquakes
  15. The Indigo Girls- Rites of Passage

I kept with Owen’s rule of only listing one album from a musical artist or group.  Many of these groups I own several of their albums.  Some of the albums listed don’t even reflect some of the band’s best work, but they remind me of a particular time in my life.  Some of these songs wrapped around me like blanket during the dark times; others were the soundtrack for major events in my life.  Either way, whenever I hear them I am instantly transported back in time to those moments.

The Thankful Post That is Supposed to Happen Thursdays (6/19)

This week I am thankful for…
~ My wife.  We celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary on Monday! Somehow, she still likes me after all of this time, so I am a very lucky man!
~The Sun.  I actually SAW it this week after many days of rain!  I was able to mow the lawn for the first time in two weeks before it started raining again.
~True Blood is back on HBO with a new season!

Last week I was thankful for…
~Date Night.  Grandma took care of our daughter so that my wife and I could spend an evening ALONE.  We went to Conklin’s Barn II Dinner Theatre to see the World Premiere play by our friend, (and Best Man at our wedding) Chad Kirvan.  We had chicken noodle soup, salad, prime rib, fried chicken, pork loin in béarnaise sauce, tilapia, baked potato, Normandy vegetables, peanut butter pie, cheesecake and Oreo parfaits…Whew!  I think I gained about 10 pounds but the food was excellent, the show was funny and it was wonderful to have a date with just my wife again.  Bonus: the author and his wife joined us at our table for Act II.  How many people can say that at a theatrical performance? 🙂

~My creative daughter.  She had me watch her “talent show” while we were playing outside.  I sat on the bench it the middle of our backyard while she emceed the show starring her imaginary friends.  She would do the introductions and we would both clap.  She closed out the show with a song and hula-hoop tricks.  Look out, Hugh Jackman, NPH and Sean Hayes; she is gunning for your future Tony hosting gig!

How to Make a Syfy Channel Movie


I admit it.  One of my guilty pleasures is watching the original movies they show on The Sci-Fi Channel on Saturday nights.  (Or Syfy as it is now known.  I’m not sure what the difference is other than it is now worth 13 points in Scrabble.)  The top-notch acting, believable writing and breathtaking special effects never fail to bring a smile to my face.  (Dang, I almost got through that entire sentence with a straight face!)

As a budding filmmaker, you may ask yourself, “How do I make a Syfy Channel Movie?”  For you I present this guide to help get you started on your path to low budget, extended cable glory.


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If you have visited this blog in the past, you may notice a few changes around here.  The first being the name of the blog is no longer “Fat Overactor”.  It has been 5 years since I last acted in a show.  F-I-V-E YEARS!  I still direct a little on the side, but it is pretty clear that the focus of this blog has not been about acting or theatre, so why keep the confusing title? (I still do PLENTY of blogging about my theatre life over at The Peoria Cabaret Theatre’s Blog.)

 The new title Cerebral Graffiti better describes the focus of this blog (or lack thereof).  It is the thoughts that are going through my head at the time.  Sometimes it is about my family and me.  Other times it may be humorous essays or song parodies.  My address for the blog is still the same , so rss feeds and links should still point you here.  I am still keeping my “Fatoveractor” moniker as it has become a part of my online identity (and I still think it is funny!)

 Along with the new name comes a new look.  I had become bored with my old theme but I was hesitant to change it because I felt married to my old “superhero” blog banner.  This is a new WordPress themed called “Greyed”.  I liked the gritty feel and the graffiti.  The theme actually helped inspire the new name!  So welcome to the new blog! (Same as the old blog!)  Hopefully soon I get back to writing posts ON this blog and not just ABOUT this blog!

Star Wars Toys That Never Made It

I found this gem online today.  It’s for the collector who wants to have EVERYTHING in the Star Wars Universe!  So far Hasbro hasn’t crossed THESE lines…yet!  I love the dark humor, but it’s the photoshop that REALLY makes it for me!  For more, including The Planet Alderaan and Smouldering Moisture Farm Playsets, see the original post here.