The Last Five Years or “Vegas or Bust!”

     Five years ago this day I was a very stressed out man.  I was busy assembling lighted archways, decorating tables and coordinating schedules with visiting family.  It was the day before my wedding and we had a lot to do.  I don’t think either one of us stopped to take a breath until sometime late in the reception.  (My guess would be after several drinks and the karaoke starting!)   We always said for our 5th Anniversary we would go to Vegas to renew our vows and just have a “fun” wedding.

     This of course was the plan before the economy took a nose dive, gas shot up above $4 a gallon and airlines decided to charge for wanting to wear more than just the clothes on your back for a weekend.   This was also before we were blessed with a beautiful little girl.  A lot of life has happened since we made those plans, some good and some not so much. 

     We have come to realize that the most important thing is that we are still together and more important that we still love each other.  We may make it out to Vegas for the 10th Anniversary or maybe even the 15th.  Our child (or children) will be old enough then to take part and help celebrate our love.  Even if we never make it out there, I will still feel blessed for each passing year I get to spend with my Sunshine.

     I think I probably said it best in my Journal entry for that day…

June 14, 2003- Our Wedding Day

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining bright.  The temperature was warm but not too warm and the humidity was low.   Mother Nature agreed to give us one days reprieve from the rain and blessed my life with beautiful sunshine…again.
     Hearts fluttered, palms sweated, cheeks glowed and tears rolled.  Words got jumbled, vows cut short and music cues were almost missed; but in my mind’s eye the day was perfect.  For in this one short day the girl of my dreams became my beautiful wife.