If you have visited this blog in the past, you may notice a few changes around here.  The first being the name of the blog is no longer “Fat Overactor”.  It has been 5 years since I last acted in a show.  F-I-V-E YEARS!  I still direct a little on the side, but it is pretty clear that the focus of this blog has not been about acting or theatre, so why keep the confusing title? (I still do PLENTY of blogging about my theatre life over at The Peoria Cabaret Theatre’s Blog.)

 The new title Cerebral Graffiti better describes the focus of this blog (or lack thereof).  It is the thoughts that are going through my head at the time.  Sometimes it is about my family and me.  Other times it may be humorous essays or song parodies.  My address for the blog is still the same , so rss feeds and links should still point you here.  I am still keeping my “Fatoveractor” moniker as it has become a part of my online identity (and I still think it is funny!)

 Along with the new name comes a new look.  I had become bored with my old theme but I was hesitant to change it because I felt married to my old “superhero” blog banner.  This is a new WordPress themed called “Greyed”.  I liked the gritty feel and the graffiti.  The theme actually helped inspire the new name!  So welcome to the new blog! (Same as the old blog!)  Hopefully soon I get back to writing posts ON this blog and not just ABOUT this blog!


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