Thankful…Friday 1/29

Today was my daughter’s annual visit to the Cardiologist. She stood up straight and tall while the nurse measured her height and weight, and sat still while she took her blood pressure and pulse/ox level.

We then went down the hall for an echo sonogram of her heart. She once again was a perfect angel while the technician attached the leads and spread the warm goo all over her chest. “Finding Nemo” was on the TV, but she was more interested in seeing and hearing her heart on the monitor.

Once we got back to the room it was time for an E.K.G. reading and 10 more stickers and leads stuck all over her body! In the past, this test took forever because she was doing so much wiggling and crying they could not get an accurate reading. Not today though! She sat so quiet and still the test was done in seconds! All of the nurses and technicians were commenting on how mature she was acting for a three year old!

The doctor finally came in and said everything looks great! She still has a SLIGHT murmor, but it is not anything he was concerned about at this time. She is basically a “normal” three year old requiring no medication and no activity restriction! We celebrated with a nice lunch and she got to pick out some new books for being so good.

So this week I am thankful that my daughter is a healthy “normal” toddler, and that she was so well behaved at the doctor!


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