36 Weeks Down…

My wife is now 36 weeks pregnant, which means in just a couple of weeks (or possibly days) I’m going to be a father!

Nine months is flying by way too fast! I just keep looking around and thinking of all of the things we still need to do before the baby comes. But then again, just like everything else in my life “if it weren’t for the last minute NOTHING would get done!” 🙂

I’m excited to meet my new little girl, but I’m VERY nervous because I know my life is going to change FOREVER!!! I’m now going to be somebody’s “Father”, which means I’m going to have to be “Responsible”. I just hope I don’t screw this kid up to badly!! 😯


2 comments on “36 Weeks Down…

  1. I wish you a lot of happiness, fun, courage, tenderness, love… it’s a major change in your life for sure, and a major change in your relationship too. Make sure that you don’t forget that, next to a father, you are still a partner to your wife too. Enjoy!!

  2. Very exciting, I remember that time. you will get the hang of things real fast, for diaper changing and all that. It will all be such a blur for the first few weeks. After a couple months make a date night, whenever you and ‘mom’ are ready.

    I can’t wait for some pix after she’s arrived.

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